Webinar: Designing and implementating a tracking system for e-learning/MOOC graduates

The Erasmus+ project ASTRE successfully developed a tracking system for MOOC and e-learning graduates, which focuses on the impact that the attendance of MOOC/e-elearning and the certification have had on the learner’s personal and professional competences, further education, career path, professional status, earnings etc.

In the framework of the ASTRE project, 2 webinars were organised online, by IDEC SA. The aims of the two webinars were:

  • to raise awareness on the relevance and usefulness of tracking their own learners.
  • to present how e-learning/MOOC providers can design and implement a tracking system for their graduate
  • to present how e-learning/MOOC providers can integrate the tracking system into their quality assurance system.

The webinars were addressed to MOOC providers and organisations that provide e-learning courses.

You can watch the recordings of both webinars below: